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Business cards

Do you order business cards on a regular basis? We can offer you a tool which makes it easier for you to order them. Design your own business cards directly in our shop. Check the proof copy and approve the business cards for printing. Your template is sent directly to the printers and you will receive your business cards within a few days.

We will be happy to provide you with detailed information about our business card shop. Please contact us at: printmanagement@schochvoegtli.ch.

Stamp shop

In our stamp range you can find numerous, customisable stamps. Design your own stamp directly in our shop. The proof copy shows you how your stamp will look later.

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Schoch Vögtli Promo Team

Alexandra Fey

Tel.: +41 52 320 20 21

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Nicole Kaminski

Tel.: +41 52 320 20 31

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Sabrina Schönenberger

Tel.: +41 52 320 20 27

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Schoch Vögtli AG


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  • Best conditions
  • Competent specialist consulting
  • Free deliveries
    (from CHF 50.00)

    Free deliveries
    (from CHF 50.00)

    Orders above CHF 50 are delivered with no postal charges. For orders of under CHF 50 we charge a processing fee of CHF 9.80.

  • Next day delivery

    Next day delivery

    Throughout Switzerland.

  • Returns guarantee

    Returns guarantee

    You can return incorrectly ordered goods free-of-charge within 14 days, with a copy of the delivery note.

  • Swiss
  • Environmentally-friendly


    As a result this catalogue has been printed on environmentally-friendly FSC paper and we dispose of your empty toners free-of-charge and properly.

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