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Staples Global Alliance Partner

International Customers: a strategic alliance with Staples

To serve international customers worldwide, Schoch Vögtli works in a Strategic Alliance with Staples. As part of this Alliance, international customers can order their office supplies in 50 countries worldwide under a single contract, covering Europe, the Middle East, Africa, North and South America, Asia and Australia. Schoch Vögtli is Staples’ exclusive Global Alliance Partner to service international customers in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Participating in Staples international tenders, contracts and implementation

With Staples, Schoch Vögtli participates in international tenders, contracts and account management to international customers. Consequently, you can benefit from a single contract and a single point of contact for all your office supplies worldwide.

Next to a single point of contact for your global procurement headquarters, Schoch Vögtli provides you with our own national account manager and service desk to help with questions in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. As a result, you will have access to local service in our own language, while for your global procurement department, you will be serviced by Staples’ Global Account Team as a single point of contact for all the countries involved.

For a full overview of Staples and its Global Alliance Partner in the EMEA-region, please see http://www.staples.eu/where-we-are/

Uniformity: educating the Staples way of working

To provide you as an international customer with a uniform experience across various countries, our sales and sales support people annually receive trainings at Staples University. The education program ensures high quality and uniform modes of operation in the EMEA-region. As a result, you will have the same kind of customer experience over Europe.

Staples Brand

In Switzerland and Liechtenstein, Schoch Vögtli sells Staples Brand Products. The high quality products with cost effective pricing will result in price savings throughout Europe within your organization, while maintaining high quality and bringing uniformity within your organization.

Access to Staples’ largest European warehouse

Products that may not be locally available but you would really need are almost certainly available at Staples’ largest European warehouse in Germany. As a Global Alliance Partner of Staples, Schoch Vögtli has access to procure at this warehouse. This enables you to order these locally non-available products at Schoch Vögtli, and have these delivered to you on your request.


As a Global Alliance Partner, Schoch Vögtli participates in the global reporting provided to our international customers. This differentiates our way of working from others in the market – you will have the same experience as if serviced by Staples’ own companies.


Strategic Partners


Schoch Vögtli


Deisrütistrasse 21

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Florenz-Strasse 1d

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  • Best conditions
  • Competent specialist consulting
  • Free deliveries
    (from CHF 50.00)

    Free deliveries
    (from CHF 50.00)

    Orders above CHF 50 are delivered with no postal charges. For orders of under CHF 50 we charge a processing fee of CHF 9.80.

  • Next day delivery

    Next day delivery

    Throughout Switzerland.

  • Returns guarantee

    Returns guarantee

    You can return incorrectly ordered goods free-of-charge within 14 days, with a copy of the delivery note.

  • Swiss
  • Environmentally-friendly


    As a result this catalogue has been printed on environmentally-friendly FSC paper and we dispose of your empty toners free-of-charge and properly.

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